COME DANCE WITH ME has brought together a group of line dancers with a common interest entertaining those who are confined to nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

We have been dancing for our own recreation at various clubs for many years and recently decided to share our love of line dancing with others who are not able to participate or get out to enjoy watching an activity such as this.

Our thanks to Gerri, the founder of COME DANCE WITH ME, who started this program for her dad and for the residents of his nursing home. When asked if we would consider dancing for the residents, many of us eagerly jumped onboard.


We enjoyed the opportunity so much that we decided to continue. We have expanded to other facilities, including the Veterans Home, where we are always welcomed with open arms. We are very proud of the great appreciation with which we are received.

Our group started with just a handful of dancers and is growing in number with each "gig" that we book. The enthusiasm is contagious!

Not only have we brought joy to others with this great endeavor, but it has enriched our lives as well.

The Crew at Centro, August 2009

The Crew at The Veteran's Home, June 3, 2009

The Veteran's Home, September 26, 2009