ECD's commitment to the wire processing industry has led to an impressive track record with our customers. We specialize in processing Stainless Steel Wire, Carbon Cold Heading Wire and we are a principle supplier of 52100 Wire to the bearing industry.


ECD believes that our unwavering commitment to our customers is essential for continued success.

ECD, Inc.'s philosophy is that Quality is the responsibility of every employee. Management is committed to ensuring that each employee understands that our success depends upon quality being intrinsic to our products. It cannot be added afterwards.

A primary objective is to promote our customer's ability to utilize our products by understanding, meeting and anticipating their requirements and expectations.

Since 1971, "partners" is the word we have used to describe the relationships we have with our customers and suppliers. From our modest beginnings to our present position as a strongly competitive, independent wire producer, this philosophy has endured. Over the course of time, our partnerships have grown and taken on a new sophistication.

ECD:  Eastern Cold Drawn Our present product line consists of over 30 grades of steel sold in coils or as straightened and cut bars in varying diameters and lengths, making us one of the most diversified wire companies in North America.

Wherever possible, ECD seeks, develops and employs innovative technology and techniques to pass the competitive edge on to our "partners" by keeping wire costs down.

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